The figurative journey of dantes hell in how dante can save your life a book by rod dreher

I hope that this book falls into your hands at exactly the right moment. I was going through a deep personal crisis and couldn't see any way out.


Although Dante implies that all virtuous non-Christians find themselves here, he later encounters two Cato of Utica and Statius in Purgatory and two Trajan and Ripheus in Heaven. The wonder and beauty of that medieval masterpiece made me realize that life was far more filled with joy, with possibility, with adventure and romance than I had imagined.

For Dante, all sin results from disordered desire: This book gave me an answer: And yet Dreher has done his homework. The book follows Dreher through his spiritual and physical recovery as he read through the Comedy. What Disney Gets Wrong Believe in yourself. Again, this is not a book that tells you everything you need to know about the Commedia.

But then, after a few of my routine post-session phone calls to my wife, I noticed that the true therapeutic work was happening in those conversations. Francesca's fate is not Dante's fault, exactly, but that doesn't mean he is not implicated. I did not know it in that moment, but those were the first steps of a journey that would lead me through this incomparable 14th-century poem—all 14, lines in cantos—through the pits of Hell, up the mountain of Purgatory, beyond space and time to the zenith of Paradise—and out of my own dark wood of depression.

Here Is ‘How Dante Can Save Your Life’

It's not hard to suspect, though, that Dante's shock came at the recognition that the love poetry she read on her road to perdition included some of his own verses. I did not walk out of the cathedral that day a Christian, but I did leave as a pilgrim who was onto something.

It is a portrait of the cosmos that is at once an adventure story, a moral discourse, an allegory, and a means to stimulate the reader to reflection on higher theological and metaphysical realities. The ferry is piloted by Charonwho does not want to let Dante enter, for he is a living being.

It is a book that shows how the Commedia did for me exactly what Dante said he wanted it to do for his readers: Frustration, confusion, terror, rage, compassion, and love. This is how many of us find ourselves there in the middle of the journey of our life. You will not be the same after reading it.

My Orthodox Christian faith teaches me that this is how things are, as does traditional metaphysics and philosophy. Sometimes, harsh criticism, even mockery, is necessary.

Here Is ‘How Dante Can Save Your Life’

And the book I wrote about that journey had for the first time given me financial security. Yet for me as a writer, this canto had particular bite.

This is certainly the book for those who previously have only come across Dante as a name.

10 Reasons to read Dante

God wills unity, not uniformity. The book also veers—just occasionally—into stereotypical self-help rhetoric. Sayers, the sin of suicide is an "insult to the body; so, here, the shades are deprived of even the semblance of the human form. The three beasts, taken from the Jeremiah 5: As a professional journalist, I read voraciously, but a seven-hundred-year-old poem by a medieval Catholic was not high on my list.

dante alighiere Essay Examples

Tales of Selfish Ulysses Following one's own constellation can only get one lost — or worse. I was so pleased to see these tweets yesterday by Matt Moser, a theologian at Loyola University in Maryland: Steeped in Scholasticism and church-state politics of the High Middle Ages, the Commedia is theologically deep and politically pungent, saturated in historical detail.

This medieval masterpiece, perhaps the greatest poem ever written, reached me when I thought I was unreachable, and lit the way out of a dark wood of depression, confusion, and a stress-related autoimmune disease that, had it persisted, would have dangerously degraded my health.

Love, that excuses no one loved from loving, Seized me so strongly with delight in him That, as you see, he never leaves my side.

Book Review: Rod Dreher's How Dante Can Save Your Life

This passage may have been influenced by the early medieval Visio Karoli Grossi. Compare this to Ulysses in Hell and his unbounded hunger for knowledge. Most important of all, the poet gave me a renewed vision of life.

And so the city boy, the exile, returned home infull of hope and expectation. I was, in a physical and spiritual sense, healed.

In the previous one, the pilgrim found himself in Limbo, among the company of the Virtuous Pagans, including the great poets of antiquity, who count Dante as one of their own. The opening lines of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri launched Rod Dreher on a journey that rescued him from exile and saved his life.

Dreher found that the medieval poem offered him a surprisingly practical way of solving modern problems. To ask other readers questions about How Dante Can Save 4/4. HOW DANTE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. The Life-Changing Wisdom of History's Greatest Poem. by Rod Dreher SIMILAR BOOKS SUGGESTED BY OUR CRITICS: Nonfiction.

DANTE IN LOVE. our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Dante's Inferno Canto XIV Figurative Language Allegorical Levels The Old Man of Crete, as discussed earlier, is the source of Hells rivers.

On another level it details the story of the fall of man and the suffering and misery that followed on Earth. Grace, Metaphor, and Love in Hell: Inferno, Cantos IV-V. Brad Fruhauff | December 22, Share.

our culture tells us about what sex is for left me feeling hollow and unsatisfied” Rod Dreher is admirably candid about this in How Dante Can Save Your Life, As a young man, he tried to leave his faith behind and to “free” himself from.

"Eugene Delacroix The Barque of Dante Sequence on the River Styx, from Canto 8 of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, the first part of his epic poem The Divine Comedy (cira which describes Dante's journey to hell.

The River Styx is the gateway into hell." "An excerpt from “How Dante Can Save Your Life” by Rod Dreher." See more. Books like How Dante Can Save Your Life: The Life-Changing Wisdom of History's Greatest Poem How Dante Can Save Your Life: The Life-Changing Wisdom of History's Greatest Poem by Rod Dreher.

The figurative journey of dantes hell in how dante can save your life a book by rod dreher
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