Solving environmental problems should be the

About 17 percent of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down in the past 50 years to make way for cattle ranching. Balance of natural processes like pollination is crucial to the survival of the eco-system and human activity threatens the same.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development referred to the environmental outlook of the planet as, quite simply, " grim.

The 6 most pressing environmental issues—and what you can do to help solve them

It is estimated that 15 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation. Normally, the national government must play a key role in planning and resolving environmental pollution in their country as it is the government that fully acknowledge a hot potato and entirely eradicate them.

This year has seen incredible progress in both policy, innovation and adoption of renewable resources, largely solar and wind power.

Second, the national government could capitalize on the mainstream media to inform citizens about the negative consequences of environmental problems and subsequently raise their awareness of environment protection.

With pollutants entering oceanic ecosystems, they invariably pollute our food. Fuel efficiency is on the up, albeit rather belatedly, with the most recent data suggesting that carbon dioxide emissions from new cars sold in the UK has declined 31 percent since For instance, due to some programmes designed to alert people about some respiratory diseases stemming from climate change, there is a rise in the number of Vietnamese people participating in some tree-planting campaigns to restore damaged forests, contributing remarkably to the environmental rehabilitation of the nation.

Natural resource depletion is another crucial current environmental problems. Mining for metals commonplace in items from consumer electronics to jewelry causes widespread environmental destruction, polluting water and releasing greenhouse gases into the environment.

Firstly, an international organization sometimes could not reach any problems because of territorial sovereignty issue. The degradation of water quality not only poses supply problems for our population, but also has a huge, inevitable impact on marine life.

View Slideshow More than four decades after the first Earth Daythere are still many environmental concerns for communities around the world to address; perhaps none so pressing as man-made climate change.

Eco systems, which took millions of years to perfect, are in danger when any species population is decimating. But as we expect to produce more food to meet the needs of a growing, hungry population, we can expect to see a corresponding increase in our carbon footprint.

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Genetic modification of food using biotechnology is called genetic engineering. Yet every single year we lose an area the size of Panama.

Care for environmental cleanliness must pay for everyone. Some people argue that an international organization should be responsible for tackling environmental problems, but each national government.

Seventh Generation uses plant-derived ingredients for their household cleaning products.

Environmental Problems

Also, reusingrecycling and composting are easy ways to protect biodiversity. With forests often cleared to make way for farmland, and worldwide consumption of food expected to increase sharply byboth sides of that particular coin desperately need to be addressed, which leads us to… Food Waste Image from Shutterstock FOOD Food production comes with a hefty carbon footprint, with damage caused by deforestation, the use of fertilizers which pollute our water, and pesticides which kill our bees.

It is a direct impact of excessive production of CO2. Clean drinking water is becoming a rare commodity. Your home and transportation could be major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. In my opinion, tackling environmental issues either globally or nationally is depends upon severity of a problem.

In other words, an international organization is not allowed to interfere missing word the domestic affairs of each country without permission, and this?. Some ideas to be more water efficient include installing an ENERGY STAR -certified washer, using low-flow faucets, plugging up leaks, irrigating the lawn in the morning or evening when the cooler air causes less evaporation, taking shorter showers and not running sink water when brushing your teeth.

Primarily, political decision-makers government, state apparatus and economic ones financiers, management boards of corporations. Waste disposal is one of urgent current environmental problem.

Similar emissions-reducing advancements are much needed in the aerospace industry. Aug 15 Solving environmental problems should be the responsibilities of one international organization instead of state or national governments.

Do you agree or disagree. Urban farming initiatives make a significant dent in both food environmental concerns. Switching over to green energy is also important, as that will cut back on fossil fuel emissions. The use of pesticides and fertilizers are also major factors in soil pollution Related: In conclusion, I still hold the view that the national governments should be mainly responsible for protecting the environment, with a strong support of the international organizations.

The World’s 6 Most Pressing Environmental Issues

Nevertheless, environmental protection and economic progress are usually in the course of conflict. There is no denying that. In my opinion, it is unreasonable to argue that national governments would not responsible for solving environmental problems.

©Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC Using Math To Make Environmental Decisions To The Teacher: These problems are designed to help students understand that math is. Should solving environmental problems be responsibility of one international organization instead of state or national governments?

Update Cancel. ad by Truthfinder. If you had the ability to solve any problem, what environmental problem would you want to solve, and why? What You Can Do: Just as energy efficiency is considered an important solution to the issues of climate change and pollution, water efficiency can help us deal with water scarcity.

Some people argue that environmental issues would be measured effectively by a global organization rather than every national government. I disagree with this view. Solving environmental problems should be the responsibility of an international organizational rather than each national government. Aug 17,  · Task 2: Solving environmental problems is the responsibility of an international organization rather than each national government.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

What Are Some Solutions to Environmental Problems?

Some people argue that an international organization should be responsible for tackling environmental problems, but each national government. Solving environmental problems should be the responsibilities of one international organization instead of state or national governments.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Solving environmental problems should be the
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